Nolte Storage Systems Nominated for SMB Innovation Top 100


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Nolte Storage Systems is one of the candidates in the election for best innovator in the SMB sector. Focusing on mezzanines since the beginning of this year, Nolte was bound to come up with an innovation. The new NSS mezzanine leads to considerable savings in energy costs, purchase costs and insurance costs. This energy-saving mezzanine has a robust appearance and is used in many industries.

Savings in purchase and energy costs

The difference lies in the new design. The beams and supports of the new NSS mezzanine floor have large hexagonal openings which facilitate the installation of lighting/sprinkler systems. There is hardly any shadow effect and the lighting/sprinkler system is well protected. Half as much lighting is needed to get the same light output, resulting in considerable savings in purchase and energy costs.

Innovation in line with the ‘survival plan for the manufacturing industry’
Diederik Samsom, leader of the Dutch Labour Party, recently said that there is an urgent need for a ‘survival plan for the manufacturing industry’. This sector – where Nolte is one of the players – requires a new impetus according to Samsom, particularly because the activities in this sector often involve the development of sustainable technology. And also because ‘it will create opportunities for all workers, from the low-skilled to the highly skilled’. If no drastic measures are taken, our country will lose the economic battle with countries such as China. He would like to see schools in senior secondary vocational education converted into institutes that provide high-quality, sector-oriented vocational training, and he wants to encourage financiers to invest in the manufacturing industry. The energy-saving mezzanine developed by Nolte Storage Systems is a good example of the innovations Samsom deems necessary. Currently, Nolte has work placements available for young skilled workers and openings for an internal sales assistant, a welder and a Tekla draughtsman. These are jobs that may contribute to further innovations in the manufacturing industry.

The various uses of NSS mezzanine floors
The NSS mezzanine floor profiles can also be used to install sprinkler systems and wiring. And by improving the profiles, Nolte is now able to produce a much stronger mezzanine. The mezzanine systems are used to create additional storage space in shops and businesses, as balconies in
 sports stadiums and theatres, as intermediate floors in hotels and restaurants, factory halls and railway stations. Because of their robust and modern appearance, the mezzanine systems are also very suitable for application in housing projects.


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