Nolte Storage Systems Sets a New Course: Sustainability, Safety and Quality


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Nolte Storage Systems in De Goorn has embarked on a new course since the beginning of this year. Whereas this company was previously mainly manufacturing storage equipment, it now focuses entirely on mezzanine floors. By installing a mezzanine, customers gain additional floor area and get the utmost out of their space. Nolte designs, manufactures and builds all mezzanines itself. Having revamped its R&D department, all its activities are now carried out in-house. The mezzanines are made to measure and can be used in any industry.

More sustainable mezzanines through innovation
“By improving our design and manufacturing processes, we can now make a mezzanine that is 10% stronger with 12% less materials! So it goes without saying that this mezzanine system not only benefits our customers but also the environment,” says Senior Structural Engineer Sander Tol at Nolte Storage Systems. By saving on materials and applying new techniques, we are able to produce stronger and less expensive mezzanines. “We currently invest a lot in the additional training of our employees. Everyone is motivated, working together and proud of the high-quality products we supply.” That the mezzanine system has been accorded the CE approval mark does not surprise Jurgen Koedam, Head of Planning & Control at Nolte Storage Systems. “What does surprise me is that there are still manufacturers that supply mezzanines without CE marking. Perhaps it’s a good idea for the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate to exercise more control over companies without CE approval mark. This inspectorate is, after all, the authority that can impose penalties on such companies and even enforce administrative orders.”

New future applications
Nolte would like to extend the range of applications of mezzanines as they are very suitable for use in offices, hotel and restaurants, showrooms, and sports and fitness clubs. The robust appearance of the steel sections give rooms a modern industrial look. The people at Nolte think the biggest opportunities lie in the housing market. Villena: “We estimated that our mezzanines could reduce the costs of building projects by 40%. That so many project developers still opt for the traditional, expensive building methods does surprise me. That leave us with the not-inconsiderable task to convert them.”

Work placements and graduation projects
It should also be mentioned that Nolte Storage Systems has recently created room in its organization for 3 work placements/graduation projects.
Nolte has clearly embarked on a new course. Its order book shows a healthy increase with a host of new projects.


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