Nolte Storage Systems carries out extensive safety inspections:

  • Your racking systems are inspected.
  • Exact damage localization.
  • Your warehouse is mapped.
  • If repairs are required, we make an estimate of the costs involved.
  • If so desired, we check your logistics.

Mandatory inspections

If you purchase or use warehouse racking systems, you should know that Dutch working conditions legislation prescribes three mandatory inspections.

Baseline inspection

This inspection is carried out upon completion of the installation/assembly of your warehouse racking system. This ‘initial inspection’ is required whenever a change is made to your warehouse racking configuration (in which case you must take into account the maximum allowable load of the shelves relative to the height at which they are hooked into the uprights) and whenever you move you warehouse racking system.

Inspection in case of severe damage

In case of severe damage, your warehouse racking system must be re-inspected.

Annual inspection

During the annual inspections, your warehouse racking system is inspected for damage and the configuration is checked to see if the load on the shelving does not exceed the maximum allowable load.

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