The choice is yours

The top deck of a Nolte Storage Systems mezzanine floor can be finished in a number of ways. Aside from the standard floor finishing, any desired floor covering can be provided. Nolte offers various floor finishes.

Our consultants will be happy to discuss the available options with you: Go to the contact page.
Ask their advice about floor finishing, the mezzanine system and all accessories that will enable you to create more space.

Plain chipboard (standard)
White underside (standard)
Thickness 38 mm

Tongue-and-groove joint (standard)
The special P6 700 kg/m3 compression press guarantees maximum point load capacity.
Floor panels are available in a range of finish levels and colours

C-Dur de Luxe
White underside (standard), thickness 38 mm

Plain chipboard with RAL 7035 floor coating
White underside (standard), thickness 38 mm

White underside (standard), thickness 38 mm

Thickness 38 mm

And many more!