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Nolte’s wire mesh walls are the right choice if you want to separate, fence off, modify or expand areas. This warehouse partitioning system offers limitless combinations and can be used for all kinds of purposes. And you get a versatile, safe and cost-effective system with components that are available in various standard sizes.

Modular construction
The modular construction method enables Nolte to install a free-standing partitioning system using box profiles and mesh panels. If so desired, the system can be equipped with a swing door, sliding door, issuing counter and ceiling. The standard panels consist of horizontal and vertical box profiles to which wire mesh sheets have been welded (wire thickness: 3 or 4 mm). This product is entirely made according to your specifications.


Mesh walls are used for fencing or closing off production, machinery or warehouse areas, for creating burglar-proof spaces, storage spaces, for fall prevention, etc.

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